About Sippy Softswitch

Sippy softswitch is the most secure, scalable, flexible, and economic voice technology solutions delivered to global Mobile, MVNO, and Fixed Line Operators; Wholesalers, Call Centers, and Retail/Enterprise SIP solution providers.

Sippy ISO & Installation files

Sippy Softswitch with complete ISO and installation files allow you to install unlimited Sippy softswitch servers. Start your own hosted billing solution business using one of the most reliable and power full billing technology.

Full License 6999$

High-Quality Softswitch - Strategic One Time Purchase

Where customers who wish to make a one-time purchase on their own hosted servers, and to realize faster ROI better margins.

This license can be installed on your server, virtually anywhere in the world and is used by fixed-line and mobile carriers, MVNOs, Wholesalers, Call Center providers, and retail voice providers worldwide. With additional features such as LRN dip, IPSEC interconnects capabilities, Do Not Call List management, DID Management, and much more.

Installation License 999$